Want Shoulders Like Boulders???
Our Standing Lateral Raise is the perfect machine to efficiently target your Delts.
Here’s Why:
The CounterBalance and Cam System combine to give the perfect amount of ‘Drop Off’ or ‘DeLoad’ towards the top of the movement where the Delts are least efficient, and you are at your weakest. This means where you would typically lose the range of motion and finish the exercise; you can now continue for several more Shoulder Killing reps – More muscle fibre recruitment and More Growth.
The Plate Loading carriage allows you to increase the weight in very small increments. We designed this as a Plate Loading machine rather than Selectorized so that you could increase the load in very small increments. Sometimes increasing the working weight by 5kg is just too much for smaller muscle groups leading to either no weight progression or bad form – Both of which won’t help you grow your shoulders.
You can set this machine up Perfectly for YOU. The adjustable footplate allows you to perfectly align your shoulder joint with the machine’s pivot points, which is essential to give the best biomechanically correct movement.
The arms self-adjust to suit your own Arm Length. This makes the machine simple to set up and quick to get training.


  • The perfect delt building machine
  • Super smooth movement and compact design
  • CAM System gives perfect ‘Drop Off’ and muscle contraction
  • Fits all size users
  • Lifetime warranty



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Width 87 cm
Length 112 cm
Height 185 cm