The Reason You Struggle To Build Bigger Lats…
A thick and wide pair of lats, reminiscent of a superhero, is a highly desired look by many people in the gym.
Typically, lat training involves a combination of chin-ups, pulldowns, and a variety of rowing-based movements…
However, each of these exercises has the same problem.
These movements are all limited by smaller and weaker muscle groups, such as the biceps, teres major, and rhomboids.
As soon as these muscles fatigue, the movement becomes compromised…
Resulting in your lats being left understimulated and nowhere near complete development.
In the early days of bodybuilding, bodybuilders attempted to overcome this problem by introducing pullover exercises using dumbbells and barbells.


  • The Ultimate machine for complete lat isolation
  • Arm pads for maximum comfort and effective lat training
  • Independent working arms give unilateral movement
  • Super smooth movement for an incredible feel
  • Indestructible design to take off heavy use & abuse



Width 135 cm
Length 115.2 cm
Height 155 cm