Do you want to develop explosive lower body power?

Ask anybody in the fitness industry – what is the best way to add mass and power to your legs? And they will all give you the same answer, SQUAT!
With the Watson Leverage Squat, you can remove some of the risks associated with the squat and let the machine enhance the benefits that come naturally with the exercise.
The angled platform allows you to go ass to grass 10 times easier than a traditional bar squat, thus allowing you to target your glutes and hamstrings just as hard as your quads.
It doesn’t matter what weight you want to use, whether it be 60 kg, 200 kg or even 600 kg! the Watson Leverage Squat can handle any weight you throw at it.
We have also added a large, heavy-duty calf raise beam at the front, making this a very efficient way to perform heavy weighted standing calf raises.


  • Stimulate different muscle fibres with small changes in foot placement
  • Space-saving design with a small footprint
  • 2 machines in 1
  • Built-in calf step for very effective standing calf raises
  • Built-in plate storage
  • Lifetime warranty



Width 132 cm
Length 143 cm
Height 165 cm