Now You Can Squat With ZERO Stress On Your Lower Back …
Strictly speaking, the barbell squat isn’t a complete lower-body exercise.
As the bar rests on top of the back, the upper body receives a significant volume of stimulation.
Whilst some people are more than capable of performing a high volume of work with barbell squats in order to build a bigger and stronger lower body, others may find it results in a number of issues.
Since barbells place a compressive load on the spine, there is an increased risk of lower back injury from excessive squatting.
This is because the lower back is the ‘weak link in the chain’ during barbell squats and therefore, receives more stress than the lower body, which can remain understimulated.
In addition, a high volume of barbell squatting can lead to intense discomfort in other areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulder, elbows, and wrists.
Although many people will use the leg press to get around this problem, a high volume of work can aggravate the lower back in some users.
Furthermore, athletes who rely on squat strength to improve sports performance may find the leg press doesn’t have the same transfer to their chosen sport.


  • Train the squat without any stress on the upper body
  • Perform a high volume of squat work safely and pain-free
  • Perfect for those suffering lower back pain/upper-body injury
  • Super smooth movement for comfortable use
  • Indestructible design that will withstand years of abuse



Width 131 cm
Length 171 cm
Height 169 cm