Build A Bigger Chest Without Shoulder Discomfort

For complete upper body development, the more training options you have at your disposal, the better.
Not only does this enable you to train multiple angles, movement patterns, and contraction types, which allows you to maximise strength and hypertrophy…
But it means you can reduce injury risk by avoiding ‘pattern overload’, which occurs from repeatedly performing the same movement.
Whilst the bench press and its variations are the preferred ‘horizontal pressing’ exercises for many gym-goers…
Many individuals find this movement pattern to be quite hard on their shoulders, with repeated use leading to shoulder pain.
Furthermore, other individuals who’ve previously suffered from a shoulder injury may find the bench press produces aggravates the shoulder leading to intense discomfort.


  • Independent Arms for Ultimate Feel and Pec Isolation
  • Reduce Shoulder Stress with Adjustable Handles and Pressing Depth
  • Enhance Core Activation during Pressing Movement
  • Super Smooth Movement and Watson Lifetime Warranty