In 1996, House of Pain began in a small town in Texas. It grew out of the sweat and determination of a solitary man, intent on sculpting his body into his ideal combination of form and function. His sense of both failure and accomplishment shaped the idea that would become the brand you love today. He wanted to share this transformative journey that only required his personal will and a few pieces of iron to achieve.

House of Pain became a brand on the road, out of the back of a van. We went straight to the people. So many people from firemen to successful executives, from revered trainers to athletes–many now household names–have all proudly worn the underground brand from Texas. The ideal that launched the brand back in ’96 is still true today. The message still resonates to its core followers. It was never a brand built on hype, but heart, hard core training, and an iron will. Now in its 21st year of continuous operation, House of Pain has found new leader. He wants to take the cover off a bit and spread the message a little wider.

The code of  the brand has never changed. Old school heart, hardcore training and an unbendable will. Embracing failure as part of the path to victory. We sum it up in our tag: Self Made-Iron Willed…Does that sound like common ground to you?

Interested in where House of Pain is going? Stay tuned to the H.O.P. website and social media for upcoming developments. We will be rolling out some of our new clothing at the Arnold March 3rd in Ohio. Come and tell us what H.O.P. means to you. The new House of Pain has plans for lifters, trainers, enthusiasts, and gym owners alike.