• Leg Press

Leg Press


  • Structure in rectangular steel tube 100 x 50 x 3 mm
  • Calibrated steel shafts mounted on FC205-UC205 high strength bearings
  • Epoxy-polyester powder paint with high resistance, with electrostatic application and fixed to 2009. Excellent durability on the exterior and color retention, fully complying with the requirements of the main European standards
  • Cleaning process prior to painting, by automatic blasting
  • Safety-Walk 3M® anti-slip tapes
  • Upholstered fireproof with UNE-EN 1021, REACH and IMO certification
  • Rubber cuffs
  • Supports for stainless-steel discs
  • Customization of colors in fixed, mobile and upholstered parts

Length: 160 cm / Width: 150 cm / Height: 130 cm / Weight: 110 kg