ISO Horizontal Leg Press

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  • Rectangular 4in x 2in, 11-gauge steel frame
  • Calibrated steel shafts mounted on FC205-UC205 high strength bearings
  • Durable, electrostatic epoxy-polyester powder paint improves color retention
  • Safety-Walk 3M® anti-slip tapes applied to both foot plates
  • Fireproof upholstery passing UNE-EN 1021, REACH and IMO certifications
  • Custom colors are available for all fixed and mobile framing and upholstery
  • Dual moisture wicking rubber cuffed handles assist easy entry and exit
  • Adjustable seat depth allows for various user heights
  • Integrated locking pin located on the back of the footplates allow for dual or independent exercises
  • Extra-long, active stainless-steel plate horns are angled for safety, eliminating necessity for bar clips, while providing more active total weight during lifts
  • Generous, unilateral anti-slip grip foot plates allow multiple foot placement options for single and double leg exercises while preventing stronger leg compensating for weaker leg


  • Product Dimensions: 240cm x 120cm x 150cm
  • Foot Plates Dimensions: 41cm x 56cm
  • Dimensions of Foot Plates: 42cm x 2mm x 40cm
  • Active stainless-steel plate horns: 35cm
  • *Additional storage stainless-steel plate horns available upon request

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