• ISO Flat Bench Press
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ISO Flat Bench Press


  • Round 2.5in x 2in, 11-gauge steel frame
  • Calibrated steel shafts mounted on FC205-UC205 high strength bearings
  • Durable, electrostatic epoxy-polyester powder paint improves color retention
  • Angled moisture wicking rubber cuffed handles
  • Custom colors are available for all fixed and mobile framing and upholstery
  • Abundant plate storage on multiple stainless-steel plate horns
  • Long active stainless-steel plate horns are angled for safety, eliminating necessity for bar clips, while providing more active total weight during lifts
  • Unilateral converging arms allow for single and double arm exercises while preventing stronger arm from compensating for weaker arm
  • Vertical framing on each independent arm eliminates negative range of motion


  • Product Dimensions: 160cm x 150cm x 150cm
  • Pad Dimensions: 100cm x 6mm x 40cm
  • Active stainless-steel plate horns: 35cm
  • Storage stainless-steel plate horns: 25cm
  • Weight of each unloaded arm: 

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