• Dual Adjustable Pulley Smith Machine
  • Dual Adjustable Pulley Smith Machine
House of Pain by Fitland

Dual Adjustable Pulley Smith Machine


  • Rectangular 4in x 2in, 11-gauge steel frame
  • Calibrated steel shafts mounted on FC205-UC205 high strength bearings
  • Adjustable semicrystalline thermoplastic pulleys 100mm x 17mm
  • Durable, electrostatic epoxy-polyester powder paint improves color retention
  • Galvanized steel cable braided in high resistance EXERFLEXPRO nylon
  • Fireproof upholstery passing UNE-EN 1021, REACH and IMO certifications
  • Dual moisture wicking rubber cuffed handles
  • Magnetic Selector
  • Two-in-one design allows for a variety of upper and lower body exercises
  • Adjustable pulleys allow for sides to be used independently or together during exercises
  • Custom colors are available for all fixed and mobile framing and upholstery


  • Product Dimensions: 230cm x 190cm x 230 cm
  • Working Load: 60 + 60kg
  • Active Cable Length: 8ft
  • Shroud: Steel
  • *Custom vinyl logos available upon request
  • *Attachments included

    Product Sheet Coming Soon