“Ever wondered why your squat or deadlift isn’t going up?
It’s simple! Your ass is weak!
Incorporating the Watson Glute Blaster in to your routine will significantly strengthen your hip flexors and glutes, giving you the power to lift heavier than you ever have before – GUARANTEED!!!
The Watson plate load glute blaster, also known as a Glute Bridge or Hip Thrust, will also dramatically improve core strength and posture for anyone who uses the machine thanks to its adjustability. Whether you are taller or shorter than average, the Watson Glute Blaster was built for everyone in mind.
Fully adjustable foot plate angle.
Ladies, If your trying to tone your butt and give your bum the shape it used to have, or maybe you were working on your beach body. Look no further; what you need is right in front of you.
If you are really serious about your training and want to see results fast, then this will be the best investment you make all year.”


  • Incredible device for effectively targeting glutes and hamstrings
  • Adjustable foot plate angle
  • Multiple band pegs
  • Easy locking system
  • Extremely heavy-duty and comfortable belt!
  • Lifetime warranty



Width 150 cm
Length 126 cm
Height 82 cm