Social Media Athlete Contest

house of pain iron temple gym


What Is The Goal?

To market the NPC Florida Clash of Champions Title Sponsor House of Pain Apparel and help promoter Tony Torres’ Iron Temple Gym grow!


How Do You Win?

The athlete with the most sales under their unique discount code wins. Athletes must attending NPC Florida Clash of Champions. Deadline to enter is 10.14.17.



What Do You Get With Your $20 Entry Fee?

From House of Pain
  • House of Pain T-shirt Promoting the Show with both HOP and Iron Temple Gym Logo
  • House of Pain Online Discount code (10% off) for promoting the show (You will be contacted after your entry is received.)
  • Online store credit towards free apparel, depending on how well you market using your code. (See below!)
From Iron Temple Gym Miami
  • One Free week’s membership at Iron Temple Gym (redeemable at any time, including the week of / after the show)



How Do You Market House of Pain and Iron Temple Gym? Just Promote House of Pain Apparel and Iron Temple Gym Online!

HOP Promotions - Earn Free Apparel!
  • Share the Discount Code you receive from HOP far and wide on all social media platforms! Your code will give your followers 10% off all HOP apparel. Please use the hashtag #HOPathletesearch2017 in all posts and direct people to the HOP website.
  • Each time your code is used, you also accrue store credit worth 10% of their purchases. For example, if someone spends $200 on the HOP site, they save $20 AND you get $20 worth of store credit. Plus, you could use your own code and save 10% at purchase and get another 10% back in store credit! HOP store credit has no redeemable cash value - you can only use it to purchase HOP apparel, not other products sold on the site.
Iron Temple Gym Promotions
  • Contestants will market the Gym membership specials online: 3 month membership for $65 and 10 day passes for $45.
  • To gain credit for your marketing efforts, new members joining Iron Temple Gym should refer to you by name (or social media name, e.g., your Instagram handle) when coming in to the gym to make a membership purchase. Social media posts should tag both Iron Temple Gym (Instagram and Facebook) and Tony Torres (Instagram and Facebook)

Note: Your posts can market both HOP and IT gym simultaneously, as well as the NPC FL Clash of Champions Show!



What Do You Get If You Win?

There will be winners for both the HOP and Iron Temple Gym promotions. You could win one or both competitions!

House of Pain: One Overall Grand Prize Winner
  • Free apparel for a year (1 item / month)
  • Photo-shoot the day after the NPC FL Clash of Champions (10.22.17) with intellectual property right co-owned by the winner and House of Pain.
  • A training session with any HOP athlete of their choice after the show at a location to be decided upon.
Iron Temple Gym: 3 Winners
  • 1st place - 3 months free membership
  • 2nd place - 2 months free membership
  • 3rd place - 1 month free membership
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