As Dr. Norman Vincent Peal writes, “Every problem contains within itself the seed to its own solution.”  The HOUSE OF PAIN takes it further, exclaiming that no seed grows in a barren land, in infertile soil, in a field that is not worked to its own reward and harvest.

You’ve already planted the seed yourself.  You’ve planted the notion with a determination, will and drive that your mind and body will come to grow a “harvest” of great health and a keen mind.  This, then, manifests itself with the growth of you and your life uplifted and soaring to max potential.  And just as you are your own seed, you are your own fertile soil.  Work the field, reap the harvest which is you as a blessing to yourself, your family, your friends, your work, your community…your life!

At The HOUSE OF PAIN, we’ll provide the tools to help you build and/or repair your personal purpose.  We’re about more than just the business of a brand. The HOUSE OF PAIN is attitude, a course of thought, a process of emotion, a way of life and, as importantly…a badge of courage!  HOUSE OF PAIN is your results driven “METAL OF HONOR!”

The HOUSE OF PAIN is a global community of people from all walks of life who aspire to an existence above and beyond anyone’s ordinary. We continuously raise the bar so as to hoist the banner proclaiming the harvest of human totality. 

The HOUSE OF PAIN now proclaims you as SELF MADE – IRON WILLED!

Your quality of strength, now gives you your strength of quality…as an athlete, as a person…as a winner!  Again, SELF MADE – IRON WILLED…at, in and finally through The HOUSE OF PAIN!

Open to all at every level of the human potential, The HOUSE OF PAIN is a haven to those who will put the hard work and time to attain and gain their high harvest and personal great reward.

Strength, power, flexibility, movement…just some of the work involved with upsizing the muscle and mind.  In The HOUSE OF PAIN, you will come to know your SPIRIT STRENGTH.  You’ll become SPIRIT STRONG when you plant and nurture your seed into the fertile soil that is yourself.  You now are your very own HOUSE OF PAIN, your very own HARVEST OF GAIN!  Now begins the discovery and fulfillment of your purpose and potential.

No limits in the HOUSE OF PAIN!  Your PAIN is now the upgrade of your belief system; it’s your new paradigm of potential; you’ll experience a more open inner dialogue; it’s the rewrite on your story; it’s your new cause and effect; it’s the ascertainment of your true assets; your triumph; your at last inner peace…it’s YOU DEDICATED TO YOURSELF IN THE HOUSE OF PAIN, FINDING THE GAIN CALLED FREEDOM!  Ahhhhh, the self-discovery that is predicated in you coming to know yourself as a precious, priceless person!

It all begins with you hearing and heeding your self-proclaimed, self-motivated call to action!  It happens where friends and family gather to plant and feed the fertile field that is YOU!  Knowing you are SELF MADE – IRON WILLED, we are resolute in getting you the take charge point of your life’s growth and uplifting in both muscle and mind at The HOUSE OF PAIN!