5 Clever Fitness Gifts That Are Actually Useful

5 Clever Fitness Gifts That Are Actually Useful

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Most people find it hard to choose a present for their favorite gym freak. With their discipline and fit body, they seem to have all the material things one could want. Plus, most athletes—be it yoga enthusiasts or scuba divers—have such personalized fitness regimes, that just anything will not do. To give a useful and personal fitness gift to your friend, you need to think beyond a gym subscription or protein shakes.

Here are five clever fitness gifts that your athletic friend is bound to love:

1. Cool Stringers for Men

If your friend is a serial bodybuilder, he has good reason to show off his gains. Building muscles and strength requires a lot of effort and there is no way of letting him know how much you admire his dedication than by buying him a stringer for men. This loose vest will compliment his arms, neck and chest, making his hard-earned muscles draw definite eyeballs. Not to mention, a stringer is extremely comfortable to wear while lifting. You can gift him this black and red ‘Iron Never Lies’ stringer or Grip Red, whose cool text ensures that your gym freak friend can always pay homage to his first love: weightlifting.


Cool Stringers


2. Wireless Earphones

No matter what your fitness freak’s regime is, the one aspect that helps them run that extra mile or pump iron repeatedly is music. It has been scientifically proven that music helps improve endurance and speed while exercising, so it is no surprise if your friend is perennially plugged in at the gym. However, the wires of earphones often get in the way while exercising, and plugging it into a phone can be cumbersome if you do not have a pocket. The best way of overcoming these problems while still reaping the benefits of music? Wireless earphones. You can find a host of Bluetooth powered wireless earphones, for different prices.

3. Calorie Counter Jump Rope

Skipping, that simple game we played as children, is actually a very effective calorie burner. You can burn up to 800 calories an hour while jumping rope. Many people on their fitness journey turn to this as an effective cardio exercise, especially because it is portable and can be done any time of the day. To reap the maximum benefits of jumping rope, give your cardio-loving friend this jump rope that has an inbuilt calorie counter. You can even set your weight and alarms to track your fitness journey in this digital jump rope. Plus, the best part? The digital rope can be operated wirelessly in cramped spaces, which means your gym addict friend can always squeeze in a work out anywhere, quite literally!

4. Mesh Leggings

Getting fit means learning to appreciate and love one’s body. This means that it isn’t just enough to build muscle; looking great while at it means that you will feel more confident and happy! If you want to compliment your friend on their fitness journey, express your pride by gifting them high-quality mesh leggings. These fashionable leggings somehow manage to correctly tread the line between sexy and gym-friendly, meaning your gym freak can work out hassle-free without compromising on style! Mesh leggings are great for gymnasts, dancers and yoga enthusiasts as well! For an added oomph, pair it with a hot black mesh top.


Mesh Leggings


5. Shaker Bottles

The one essential no gym freak can ever have enough of is a shaker bottle. At the gym, one needs to constantly stay hydrated, and outside the gym, one needs to be having thick protein shakes to support muscle growth. While buying a shaker bottle, investing in a good quality product means that your to-go liquids will not spill in your gym bag and that your cold smoothies will remain cold, no matter how hot it gets. Gift your gym freak this classy 28 oz blender bottle and you can be sure their face will light up!


Fitness is a long road, which is why those who are on it need their friends and family to support them and believe in them. By gifting fitness-themed gifts or a gift card, you can provide immense joy and faith to your gym addict. Be prepared then to have a gym buddy for life!



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