4 Women’s Gym Apparel: Stylish Gym Outfits To Wear While Working Out

4 Women’s Gym Apparel: Stylish Gym Outfits To Wear While Working Out

As far as clothing items for the gym are concerned, people don’t seem to be as conscious as they should be. However, contrary to the popular beliefs, your gym outfit requires as much attention as the workout regime itself. It becomes even more important if you are a trainer, as you are setting an example for many.

Here we have brought you the top four pieces of women’s gym apparel that have remained a favorite with many since long and effortlessly help you sweat in style:


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1. A Classy Mesh Top With Leggings

Leggings are a must-have in every fitness wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable to wear while working out but also look classy enough to turn heads. While choosing the right set of leggings for your workout sessions, keep in mind that the fabric of the legging matters as much as the design. Besides, it should fit you well. The type of exercises you undertake also have a crucial say in your gym apparel. Your clothes should preferably be stretchable with medium to high compression. However, if your workout session involves running or cycling, your clothes must not be loose enough to get entangled in your feet or pedals of the cycle. A body-hugging legging or running-pants can be a good choice in such a case.

You can smartly pair them up with a mesh top. The combination looks even great if the leggings are a pair of heart leggings complementing the color of the mesh top. For activities such as Pilates, a pair of capri pants that is stretchable and fitted at the same time is perfect. Similarly, if you are up for an indoor spin workout session, you should choose a pair of leggings that are super-breathable.

2. Crop Tops And Gym Pants

Crop tops have always been ladies' all-time favorites. Be it formal office parties or informal get-togethers, women tend to wear them a lot! And why shouldn't they? They are quite comfortable after all and look classy. But, are they comfortable or suitable for high-intensity workout sessions. Yes, if made from the right fabric, crop tops can be good options for wearing while working out. You should carefully choose the one that is sleek and supportive.

Also, do make sure that the stuff is not extra moisture absorbing. The perfect crop top for working out would be a nice fit, breathable and made of heat and moisture wicking material. You can pair them up with your workout capri pants or mesh leggings to get an instant stylish look. Adding a color-contrasted beanie to the look can further enhance your style while sweating out.

3. Stylish Hoodies With Loose Trousers

Hoodies and sweatshirts have always enjoyed great attention from ladies. Be it a casual morning jog or a meditation session on a foggy morning, women love them! It is a lesser-known fact that a hoodie helps you sweat more while keeping you germ-free. More the sweat, more your body gets detoxified and greater the benefit of the workout session. So, yes sweatshirts and hoodies can be cool options for your gym sessions. However, do make sure that the stuff is not extra moisture absorbing. Further, you can pair them up with loose trouser pants to throw an altogether different look for your late night gym sessions. You can also show up in an all-white look donning white gym pants with a white hoodie and a cool pair of sneakers.

4. Customized Tracksuits

Customized tracksuits are your another go-to option while choosing your gym outfit. They are stylish, custom-made and a great fit. Moreover, they define your own different style statement. Giving you a chic celebrity workout look, the look itself will appeal you to hit the gym and serve as a motivation. A common misconception is that tracksuits look cliche and boring. However, contrary to the popular beliefs, choosing some bold colors and a fitted design can help you look different and incredibly stylish even in a tracksuit.




So, these were just some of the clothing items you can try when you get busy at the gym. Besides, you can always enhance your look more by wearing light jewelry and some other casual accessories. Avoid wearing anything that makes you uncomfortable or which you find tough to carry or overly revealing.

You will be able to concentrate on your workout better if you are least bothered about your clothes. Make sure you tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail to avoid any entanglement with pieces of gym equipment (in case they are long enough!) Your footwear also plays a very important role. To prevent any kind of foot pain, you must invest in some good brand sneakers. Avoid shoes made of cloth as they don’t provide much protection against the accidental falling of gym equipment such as dumbbells. Lastly, just remember to have fun while exercising because girls just wanna have FUN!