How to survive your Post Contest Binge

We have all been in a place where we have been dieting for either a show, a meet, or even a trip to the beach.  Sometimes it can be a shorter diet, but many times it must be a longer diet that will get us to the level of shredded that we want to beContinue Reading

Can You Train For Exclusively For Size?

I have noticed quite a bit lately, that there has been an increasingly large amount of guys in the gyms that say something to the effect of, “I don’t care how strong I am, I just want to look big.”  Another of my favorite things thrown around is by those haters out there that willContinue Reading

What on earth should I be eating?!

We have probably all been there- when we are in excellent shape, we often find others’ asking us how we are dieting.  I have had people ask about how much protein, carbs or fats.  I have had people ask if I am doing “xyz” diet, if I am carb cycling, if I am high carb,Continue Reading

Learning the easy way, rather than the hard way

When I first started out in the gym I was a lifelong basketball player, with opportunities to play collegiately, before getting a career-ending knee injury.  I did not have a large amount of lifting experience to rely on.  As you can imagine, my weight training was basically high rep squats and cleans, with little programmingContinue Reading

You are not Overtraining

Lets talk a little bit about overtraining.  What is overtraining?  Conventional wisdom and Sports Physiology tells us that overtraining is Basically Working so much that you have chronic Central Nervous System Fatigue.  What is it in real life, you ask?  Nine times out of ten, it is a made up word that people love usingContinue Reading

Eating Sufficient Fat To Keep Your Gains

It seems like every time I talk to someone with a goal, or log into social networking, I see someone that has just jumped onto a fad-driven low fat diet kick.  I can understand where the logic comes from in a simplistic manner, and that is fat will make you fat.  This is simply notContinue Reading

Chinese New Year T-Shirts from House of Pain

Continue Reading

Getting Rid of Powerlifting Stretch Marks

We all have had the newbie gains where we grew like a weed and ended up with stretch marks around the pecs, lats, or legs(if you are a boss).  Then, there are some of you that jump on a cycle and make it even worse(no judgement!).  How are we going to prevent and fix theContinue Reading

How to Build a Bicep Peak: 101

When we talk about building Arnold-esque Biceps, we need to first start with the anatomy of the biceps brachii.  As the name states, it is a muscle with two different heads.  I don’t need to tell you where exactly the biceps are, but they both start out on the scapula and form a single muscleContinue Reading

How To Change Up Intensity To Progress Past Sticking Points, Pt. II

Without further ado, lets get into the next 3 tips for increasing intensity!  We think you will like these even better than the last two. 3.  Forced Reps:  This is our next progression to the partial rep technique.  The only drawback to this is that you need a spotter.  The idea is that when youContinue Reading

How To Change Up Intensity To Progress Past Sticking Points, Pt. 1

When you are training for strength and muscle gain, your goal is basically to manipulate muscle failure in a way as to create a demand for your body to build more muscle.  In laymans’ terms, muscle failure is the point in a set that you cannot correctly do another rep.  COMPLETE muscle failure may beContinue Reading

The Natural Debate

I will go ahead and try on a fairly touchy subject here, with the hope that I will not anger anyone, but put a few things in perspective in a non-combative way.  This will likely be the only time that I approach this topic, and I hope to not go here again, as I feelContinue Reading